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Client: Theresa Andersen

Description: Informational website for self-employed life coach (

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Discover the Treasure that is You

Do you feel blocked, stuck, disillusioned or trapped in your life?

Reconnect with your essential self quickly and effectively with Theresa Andersen, an award-winning educator with over 12 years of experience developing hands-on education programs that work.

Let Theresa guide you through the exciting process of self-discovery enabling you to:

  • awaken parts of yourself that have been unattended or buried for years
  • access knowledge about yourself that you may not be consciously aware of
  • rediscover your invaluable body compass; it can keep you connected to your essential self
  • learn how to navigate your own life and be in charge of what you really want in life
  • "lift the veil" and rediscover who you are really meant to be in this lifetime

Whether you prefer to work with a coach one-on-one or in a group; face-to-face, via telephone or online, Theresa will provide you with the tools to live a passionate and balanced life.

  • Individual Coaching - Benefit from private coaching in a series of one-to-one telephone coaching sessions
  • Teleconference Classes – Learn and explore within the supportive environment of a group
  • Workshops – Participate in a live learning event with Theresa

Client: Couture Concierge NYC

Description: Descriptive website for concierge company offering accompanied, high-end shopping experiences to New York City (

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Experience the Art of Shopping

Embark on a Luxurious Manhattan Shopping Getaway

Pamper yourself.

Leave your everyday world behind.

Experience an unforgettable, four-day fashion shopping extravaganza like no other to New York City with your close friends.

Concierge-accompanied, first-class luxury excursions for four to six women to NYC

  • Visit the City’s top designer fashion showrooms
  • Shop at famous high-end retailers and boutiques
  • Dine in New York City’s finest gourmet restaurants
  • Stay at one of Manhattan’s landmark posh hotels
  • Travel safely and elegantly via private limousine service
  • Take in an award-winning, hit Broadway show